Defenders of Asteria

about the game

Defenders of Asteria is a back to basics tower defense game. You will become the commander of Asteria's armies as you fend off waves of enemies with various towers.DIFFERENT WAYS TO PLAY
Put your strategic mind to the test as you take on 10 different maps and try to achieve 3 stars on each one! Then when you have it down, try your hand in the endless mode. Enemies are randomly generated each run making no run the same.
The dragon Seran has taken notice of you wiping out his armies, and now hes out for revenge! In this special Raid mode you will take on a challenging 100 waves of enemies with no access to resource generating towers. This mode is for the truly hardened players!
Fighting on your own can be difficult, so visit the perk shop to purchase upgrades and hero units to aid your cause! You can earn gems to purchase things by completing quick play maps or playing endless mode (there are no micro-transactions).